Nature-friendly Biorfe helps to transform the waste from the kitchen into compost (soil conditioner) and liquid fertilizer, which are useful products for the soil, by separating the waste from the kitchen at the source with the fermentation process (Bokashi method). This is extremely important for sustainable waste management.

It contributes to environmental protection with the reduction of the amount of garbage and the practice of natural agriculture, our national economy with transformation and our own economy due to the lack of chemical inputs. In this context, Biorfe is on its way to becoming one of the leading institutions in the field of organic transformation, which ensures that herbal wastes (vegetables and fruits) are included in the production process through biological processes. It contributes to the production of useful products from wastes and wastes in the society with the systems and products it produces.

If we protect the soil from all kinds of chemicals and enrich it with natural methods, the natural agricultural products we produce will protect human health. The loss of our natural resources (water, soil, energy) can be prevented thanks to the product that helps to turn it into compost and liquid fertilizer by recycling. In addition, we can save on labor by increasing the quality and efficiency of our agricultural products.

Special biorfe compound containers and biorfe liquid concentrate are designed to provide organic transformation. These composers, in which herbal wastes are collected without causing any disturbance to the environment, are produced to receive 220 liters of waste for institutions such as restaurants, hospitals and schools, and 18 liters for homes. In addition, biorfe liquid concentrate, which accelerates the formation of compost, prevents the formation of odors and flies in the environment during the spray fermenting process.

Biorfe regulates the rapid and odorless biological decomposition of liquid concentrated wastes.

Biorfe works within the social responsibility principle for the future by adopting the zero waste target with the slogan “organic agriculture is a happy future”. Again, in accordance with this principle, it is proud to support the organizations that use the compost and fertilizers obtained from the collected wastes for organic agriculture purposes.