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Why Bokashi?

If the food waste is made from bokashi compost and buried in the soil, 98% of the carbon and all of the nitrogen in it will be brought back to the soil. If left exposed, 80% of carbon creates carbon dioxide and methane gas, 50% of nitrogen as ammonia and nitrous oxide (nitrous oxide), sulfur sulfur dioxide creates greenhouse gas, pollutes the nature. For the future of our children, our grandchildren, we need to make bokashi compost and bury all organic matter in the ground. The amount of organic matter in the soil increases, the water holding capacity of the soil increases, no other fertilizers are required.

Biorfe bokashi composer 18L lids are designed to be airtight. It is important that the wastes remain in an anaerobic environment without oxygen.
For this reason, you should collect your daily waste and throw it in your bucket at once a day.

The inside of the Biorfe bokashi bucket consists of two parts. The upper section is for disposal of food waste and the lower section is for collecting bokashi water (liquid fertilizer) filtered from waste. This accumulated bokashi water
needs to be taken every day from the drain tap installed at the bottom of the bucket regularly .
After taking this liquid fertilizer, you can dilute it with chlorine-free water one hundred to one and give it to the plants.

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